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:: Spring Breakers

Spring break – it’s the vacation dreams (and a long list of movies) are made of. Finishing school and escaping to a land of parties, freedom and fun is a time-honored tradition and a right of passage for most teenagers. To childhood friends and college students Faith (Selena Gomez), Brit (Ashley Benson), Candy (Vanessa Hudgens) and Cotty (Rachel Korine), spring break was the ultimate goal, the perfect reward for enduring years of study.

The problem is, the girls have no money and can’t afford to go – this is where things get hairy. To obtain the funds, Brit and Candy decide to rob a fast food restaurant and kick-start a series of events that leads them down a dark path with Alien (James Franco), a rapper and gangster keen on dragging the girls into Florida’s seedy underbelly. What started as an innocent pursuit to unwind and have fun quickly becomes an ordeal that will have long-lasting effects.

There is probably no other movie this year that has gotten such divisive reactions as ‘Spring Breakers’. People either love it or hate it, haters stating it’s the worst movie they’ve seen all year and admirers claiming it to be a misunderstood cinematic masterpiece. Funnily enough, both groups seem to miss the mark. Those who love it are looking for deeper meanings, which is like looking for the bottom of the ocean in a roadside puddle, while those who hate it get tricked by Korine: they are shocked and outraged, and that way they are giving the director exactly what he wants.

DVD Extras

Audio commentary with Director, Harmony Korine
Breaking it down: Behind Spring Breakers - 3 part documentary
Deleted Scene
Harmony's Ear Candy
The ATL Twins Zone
The Redneck Riviera
Dirtona Beach