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:: Standing in the Shadows of Motown

The Motown sound started in Detroit during the 1950s and the foundation came from a group of musicians known as The Funk Brothers. The movement continued to thrive over the next twenty years and worldwide exposure was given to a number of big-name artists and songs. Most of the solo performers used the Funk brothers as a backing band on recorded songs yet these capable musicians were never given the due credit for the role they played in the whole Motown movement.

This film gives an insight into who formed and played in The Funk Brothers over the years and why they simply remained unsung heroes.

Obviously, music plays a big part in the make-up of the DVD and several classic Motown sounds are highlighted. The DVD component is wonderful for such music lovers.

DVD Extras

 Comprehensive biographies
 Previously deleted scenes
 Multi-angle performances
 Rare jam sessions
 A means whereby you can create your own Motown sound on DVD-ROM