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:: Sunshine

The film Sunshine is available to rent on DVD in Australia. It is directed by the acclaimed director of films such as Trainspotting and 28 Days Later, Danny Boyle, and is a visually stunning film with state of the art special effects.

Danny Boyle’s film is a visually arresting slab of sci-fi that accomplishes its motive to be environmentally haunting; and, at the same time, containing touchingly serene moments of space adventure that many filmmakers wouldn’t go near.

Set in the not so distant future where the Sun is dying and mankind have launched their last hope called Icharus 2, a space ship that has been given the mission of reigniting Earth's dying sun. The crew of Icharus 2 contains some of the greatest minds and pilots known to man, however when they intercept a distress call of Icharus 1, a ship that attempted to reignite the sun seven years, they are forced to investigate. Unfortunately for the crew of Icharus 2, something goes awry and what they discover on this abandoned ship may prove fatal to not only the crew but also Earth itself.

Naturally, Sunshine loses something in the transition from large screen to small. There isn't a lot of dialogue: the story is told largely in beautiful, sweeping vistas of the goings-on in outer space, which must have looked spectacular at the cinema. But they're still impressive on a TV screen and the beautiful set design and seductive ambience are effective on a smaller scale.

Director Danny Boyle's use of colour is outstanding - the interior of the ship is a palette of greys, so that when other colours appear - the red-orange of the sun, the green of the oxygen garden and the crimson of blood - they are very striking. The cast includes Cillian Murphy and Australian Rose Byrne. They are part of a group of interesting and credible scientists and geeks in what is a compelling story. In fact, most of the actors provide outstanding performances, and the special effects are also outstanding, especially the scenes with Earth's dying sun.

The commentary by director Danny Boyle is good, but there is the added bonus by Dr. Brian Cox from the University of Manchester that really puts credibility into the movie and explains that the scientific facts behind the movie

Sunshine is a great overall package of how a good science fiction thriller movie can be made. The DVD is well worth a look.

DVD Extras

Commentaries including Director Danny Boyle and Dr Brian Cox (University of Manchester)
11 Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary by Danny Boyle
Web Production Diaries
Two Short Films
Theatrical Teaser and Trailer