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:: Taken

This Emmy Award-winning miniseries is delivered in its entirety - meaning ten episodes of 840 minutes (plus a 39 minute disc of extra features on the making of the miniseries).

Steven Spielberg presents an epic entertainment event spanning three families, four generations and fifty years of unearthly secrets. With cutting-edge special effects and a storyline of gripping suspense, Taken launches you into a realm of alien abductions and deadly conspiracies reaching from World War II to the present.

It's an amazing chronicle of mankind’s relationship to the extraterrestrial in our midst and shows Spielberg's vision in bringing a treat for sci-fi fans.

Disc 1: Roswell - The Landing
Disc 2: A New Generation
Disc 3: Abductions & Government Conspiracies
Disc 4: Alien Contact
Disc 5: The Gift
Disc 6: Bonus Features

I previewed Volume 1 - Roswell: The Landing

A World War II bomber pilot (Steve Burton) is rescued by strange lights and begins life back home. He continues to be taken by grey aliens in the night and soon discovers that his flying companions have all died of mysterious illnesses. At the Air Force Base in New Mexico, Owen Crawford (Joel Gretsch) is assigned the duty to investigate a crash of an alien space craft and it's occupants, one of which is still alive.
People who come in contact with the alien soon go insane or quickly die from profuse bleeding. On a small farm in Texas, a strange man is found hiding in the woodshed of a lonely wife (Catherine Dent) and soon a baby is conceived between the two. The man soon leaves because he is in danger.
This episode is directed by Tobe Hooper.

This is indicative of the whole series, in which the series covers all aspects of UFO sighting, abductions, even crop circles. There is also the drama of three families' lives and how they mix, starting with the Roswell incident.

TAKEN spans fifty years and three generations, which makes it a ten-part mini-series. For anyone interested in the genre, you'll be thoroughly entertained, from start to finish. You may also see some faces that are familiar from other science fiction shows and dramas.

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