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:: Tarzan and Jane

Tarzan, Jane, and friends return in this sequel to the Academy Award winning original. As Tarzan and Jane's one-year anniversary approaches, Jane frets over finding the perfect gift for Tarzan. Enlisting the help of the irrepressible Terk and Tantor, Jane recalls the adventures of the past year, from sliding down erupting volcanoes to evading malicious panthers, and dwells on the excitement of the jungle. However, these adventures prove to be just a beginning when Tarzan presents her with a gift that not only exceeds her expectations, but also proves just how much he understands her.

The DVD features new music by Phil Collins and Mandy Moore.
Fans of the 1999 original will enjoy.

Like most other Disney direct-to-video sequels, Tarzan & Jane isn’t up to the usual Disney standard. Unfortunately, it isn’t well animated and it lacks the spark to be seen as a great DVD package.

Special features include a “Build Your Own Treehouse” game that is a slow-loading trial-and-error exercise, and a “Build Your Own Adventure” game that is a series of rough stills narrated in a singsong by Jim Cummings, which allows one to “choose” where the adventure will go next

DVD Extras

Build your own treehouse
Tarzan & Jane’s Adventure Builder
Music video: Mandy Moore “Singing To The Song Of Life”