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:: Team America, World Police

From the creators of South Park comes Team America World Police, an all puppet production featuring nudity, a hot sex scene, course language, crude humour and violence. It's the full meal deal with this film and viewers will get far more than they bargained for. Team America is a terrorist fighting police squad of two women and three guys. They patrol the world and protect it against its biggest villain, North Korea's Jin Jong. The setting starts off in Paris, identified as “3,635 miles east of America”.

The creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker are known for there crudeness in the famous Canadian cartoon series South Park. You've got to give them credit for the innovation in this one, who would have thought that they would have more up there sleeves than just Mr. Hankey jokes. They've showed off their wit with this full length puppet show while bluntly poking fun at typical American culture.**

Team America does contain a lot of tasteless humour. Its okay in moderation but in this case it's so repetitive that it starts to lose its effect. After thirty minutes it sounds like a bunch of reckless children running around giving the finger to everyone. Being Canadian, I enjoy hearing humorous stabs at American politics as much as the next person but in this case it starts to get stale.

The film is worth a watch as there are some classic jokes that will become socially accepted lingo. However, don't be afraid to miss out on anything if you decide to turn it off half way through.

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