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:: Teaserama

Bettie Page was the top pin-up Queen of the 50's, with her image now even more popular than ever. She was known for her distinctive hair style and figure when she became the most photographed pin up of her generation.
Teaserama was considered as the holy grail of girlie flicks.

With her girl-next-door smile and hourglass figure, Bettie Page performs two stylised dance numbers. She also scorches the screen when she teams up with Tempest Storm that explodes into fetish central.

Teaserama is hardly a movie in the traditional sense. It's a burlesque show, in which various striptease acts make their way across the stage, punctuated by occasional stand-up comedy routines. Teaserama is merely a curiosity for die-hard Page fans and film buffs.

Produced and directed by glamour-girl photographer Iriving Klaw, Teaserama also boasts leggy Chris La Chris, a sultry strip courtesy of Trudy Wayne, female impersonator Vickie Lane, and contortionist Twinnie Wallens. Also features classic, campy footage of Bettie performing a peep show in a silent, black and white arcade film loop.

This DVD has the sole intention of titillation, '50s-style. It is also an interesting memento of an extinct artform. Through 2006 eyes, it's an oxymoron: innocent exploitation. It's also the perfect DVD for any '50s-themed soiree.
Remember that Bettie Page was a worldy figure, being Playboy’s Playmate of January 1955.

As a stand alone feature most will not gain much from Teaserama, but for its DVD release there is good bonus content.

DVD Extras

Audio commentary featuring exploitation legend, David F. Freidman. There is a wealth of information on the burlesque scene at the time.

Trailers for Teaserama (2 minutes 20 seconds) and Varietease (1 minute 50 seconds).

Bettie Page speaks in a scene from Striporama (3 minutes 17 seconds)
Bettie Page in Teaser Girls in High Heels - a short from the 1950s (7 minutes 41 seconds).

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