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:: The 400 Blows

The film examines the life of a young man who is in that awkward adolescent period of confusion. Antoine Doinel (Jean-Pierre Leaud) lives with his mother (Claire Maurier) and stepfather (Albert Remy) in Paris. A serious mistake, when Antoine steals a typewriter, leads him to a juvenile detention home. Thereafter he escapes his confinement and tries to make sense of his life while living at the beach. The 400 Blows explores the mind of this young man through personal introspection amid the harsh realities of the real world. Film buffs will enjoy watching how this film develops, but it’s a difficult film to watch for the everyday viewer.
However, the 400 Blows contains some unforgettable images that reflect both the joy and frustration in being a child.
Consider that the film is forty-five years old and has been expertly remastered for DVD. The film deserves a quality print and the picture is very crisp.

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