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:: The Body Beneath

Alexander Algernon Ford (Gavin Reed), the undead head of the Ford family and evil priest returned to his former parish to search for his vampire ancestors, and to reunite his blood line. The Ford’s had been operating a small vampire society in the Highgate Cemetery of London for 21 centuries, but breeding outside the family had slowly thinned the bloodline.

The priest set up an old church as the base of operations for the Ford’s blood-drinking underground, and cast his sinister sights on a lovely young woman (Jackie Skarvellis) in order to indoctrinate her into the sect and perpetuate the vampire bloodline. Only young members of the family were suitable for both breeding and blood sucking purposes.

The film is very similar to other Andy Milligan Horror films, such as ‘The Ghastly Ones’ and ‘Seeds of Sin’. The killing is excessively gory and makes up much of the film, yet a sub plot confuses the storyline, with a hunchback called Spool (Berwick Kaler), trying to decide between his fear of his master, and his need for freedom. Algernon Ford has a likeable and respectable front, but underneath is a cruel and apparently soulless creature, which could be likened to an early ‘American Psycho’ style character. The Body Beneath is a cult flick that is, despite its age, bone chilling and extremely violent and is bound to move even the most frequent horror viewers.

DVD Extras

  • Digitally Remastered
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • Extra: Andy Milligan gives us a shocking-for-its time peek inside a gay bathhouse with his ultra-rare featurette THE VAPORS!
  • Gallery of Exploitation Art