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:: The Camomile Lawn - 2 DVD set

This is a highly regarded British series with some excellent acting performances. It came to Australia with great expectations in the early 1990s and it didn't let anyone down as a quality drama.

Based on the novel by Mary Wesley, The Camomile Lawn is set in Cornwall in August 1939, the eve of the Second World War. Sophie is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her cousins for their annual visit, the highlight of which will be the ‘Terror Run’, a race along the cliff top path. The night is brought to an abrupt end however by news that tells them that the start of the war must be imminent.

The lives of all the family members and their circle of friends is devastated by the onset of World War II, and each character breeds his or her own stripe of drama and delight. While some of the plot twists may offend some viewers, I found the overall strength of the stories and the wonderfully rendered characters overcame any slight deficiencies. Any fan of British drama should watch this, and particularly admire the gorgeous Cornwall setting, the backbone for the series.

Note that this is a US version, which is shown on the NTSC system.

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