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:: The Dead 2: India

An infectious epidemic spreads rapidly through India as an American turbine engineer learns that his pregnant girlfriend is trapped near the slums of Mumbai. Now he must battle his way across a 300-mile wasteland of the ravenous undead, helping people in their hour of need while racing to rescue his girlfriend and unborn child.

Having never seen the first movie, and the slew of straight to DVD horror movies appearing literally every week, my expectations for this film were virtually non-existent. And while the film suffers from your usual problems with low budget movies (bad CGI, some questionable acting), it’s an effective old school horror movie, and in essence, it’s an old fashioned love story of a man going above and beyond his means to be with the one he loves.

As a Zombie movie, it’s atypically generic, which is very refreshing for a change because recent Zombie movies have tried to give there own spin on the Romero led genre, and as a grown man who sometimes wonders how you’d survive through a Zombie Apocalypse (let’s face it, we all have), I think everyone would prefer to have the slow moving zombies rather than the running, intelligent ones.

Millson is great as the boyfriend on a mission, and his journey is unbelievably harrowing in some scenes, and there is one particular scene involving him and a mother and child trapped a car that would put the ending of the mist to shame. He teams up with a young child for the majority of the film, and at times I was reminded of the chemistry between Ford and Huy Quan in a Temple Of Doom, there’s a paternal element to their relationship, and it’s the most believable part of the film. Whilst travelling through India to rescue his girlfriend, he encounters a lot of segregation all type violence, and there are a few riffs on the class factor that affects large countries, but also, it reminded me so much of Resident Evil 5, the film has the same tension as the game, and the zombies, no matter how far or close they are, still have that same effect they had since Romero let them loose.

It’s easily the best ‘traditional’ Zombie movie since Dawn Of The Dead, it’s terrifically written, shot, and the score is pretty haunting. The only negatives I have, is the way the sub-plot involving the girlfriend is handled (a very soap opera kind of feel to it), and a really random twist at the end involving a the young boy and leaving his teddy bear behind, a total misfire. But otherwise, if you like this sub-genre of horror film, you’ll be in for a treat.