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:: The Eye

Another psychological Asian horror to grace the Western screen in recent years, Tom Cruise's C/W Productions has already bought the rights to The Eye. Although stylish, this film wasn't as horrifying as I was hoping for. The ghosts weren't threatening and the scares weren't long enough. Let's hope C/W can give it some kick.

In the film a Hong Kong woman, Mun, has a cornea transplant that allows her to see after a lifetime of blindness. The operation is successful but she begins seeing mysterious figures that nobody else can see. Much like The Ring, there is a mystery to the ghostly apparitions that needs to be solved.

‘Seeing dead people’ will never be the same after The Sixth Sense, and it's a pity this film doesn't have the shock factor to hold up against that classic. The formula of this kind of psychological horror has become too predictable for this to be terrifying, but it does have some suspenseful moments and a nasty surprise or two.

Angelica Lee as Mun does make this Hong Kong movie shine, wide-eyed and believably terrified for most of the movie. The direction from The Pang Brothers is also indisputably classy. This is good filmmaking in the wrong genre, or perhaps it's just that the scares don't translate to a Western audience. I prefer my horrors with a lot more scream.

There‘s a 'making of’ documentary on the dvd which sheds a bit of light on the background of the film with interviews with the cast and crew. The film was massively successful in Asia, and this doco runs more like a promo for the fans than anything truly gritty. It is worth a look for the real ghost stories that the movie was based on.

The film is in Cantonese and Thai languages with English subtitles.

DVD Extras

- “The Making Of” documentary
- Director spotlight (The Pang Brothers)
- Original trailers