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:: The Ghost Writer

Roman Polanski’s new political thriller, The Ghost Writer, is a throw-back to the complex old-time thrillers of the 1960s. The Ghost Writer follows a ghost writer, played by Ewan McGregor, as he steps into the job of ghost writing an autobiography for the former British Prime Minister Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan) whose actions in office come into scrutiny and shine an international light back onto him.

It's interesting to see a very classically set political thriller, that is purely drama based. Ewan McGregor's character clearly stands as our guide on this mysterious journey as well as playing the moral centre and all around regular guy of the film. I enjoyed Ewan McGregor's performance here, it's very understated and relatable which serves the film perfectly. Who really nailed it out of the park for me though was Olivia Williams who plays Ruth Lang, wife to the former PM. Her performance is astonishingly strong presenting us with a character that is aggressive, abrasive but smart as a whip and I enjoyed each and every scene she was in.

The story carries the day. The plot itself never gets muddled down in international intrigue and maintains a good pace throughout the two hours, although it does tend to wander into exposition territory from time to time. The main twist of the film is foreshadowed, but only if you’re paying attention. The film is certainly engaging and intriguing, and I'm sure people well versed in mysteries will have no problems following along and that they will very much enjoy it.

DVD Extras

The Ghost Writer: Fiction or Reality?
This featurette comes in at just under eleven minutes. Author Robert Harris talks about how he came up with the idea for the book, and how he came aboard as the screenwriter as well.

The Cast of Ghost Writer
This one comes in at just under twelve minutes, and is pretty much self-explanatory. The cast of the film talk about their experiences working with Polanski, as well as the film itself.