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:: The Incredibles

Being a leader in the animation game, Pixar would be ecstatic in its success over the past ten years. Now, The Incredibles sits high up amongst the pack. This film is extremely humorous in its look at family values and the quest for peace.

Mr Incredible lives a quiet unfulfilling and mediocre life, but he still remembers the “good old days”; when he and his wife Helen used to be super heroes. Bob is lost in his life, and lacks direction, so his curiosity is more than a little roused when he receives a secret invitation to help the Government reclaim a newly developed war machine. Mr. Incredible sets out to “save the world” forgetting to let his wife and family know.

It's a great story with the eye-popping visuals that only a Pixar-animated movie could provide. One could be over-critical and suggest that, as a superhero film, the sheer amount of guns, bombs and lasers might not sit well for some youngsters. Mr. Incredible learns a lesson about the value of family, but one wonders what lessons are taught in exposing kids to violence.

The Incredibles comes as a 2-Disc Collector's Edition set. Disc 1 contains the feature plus two audio commentaries. The first, from director Brad Bird and producer John Walker is quite lively and provides a lot of information about the story, the characters and the movie-making process. The second commentary is provided by some of Pixar animators. This one is great in that the participants shed a lot of light on the making-of process and point out a lot of details that the untrained eye might've missed.

On Disc 2 you will find the remaining special features. Bird too introduces these, as he tells us that the movie as a home entertainment experience wouldn‘t be complete without checking out the extras. First, we get the animated short “Jack-Jack Attack”. In this one, the babysitter recounts her experiences sitting for Jack-Jack, the Incredibles’ baby. Running just under 5 minutes, this one's good for a couple of laughs.

It really is a fun movie, with a lot of heart. The computer-generated characters often have more depth and emotion than some of the real-life characters we see in live-action movies. And that's a tribute to the hundreds of people behind-the-scenes whose dedication brings us movies like The Incredibles.

DVD Extras

Introduction by writer/director Brad Bird
Audio commentary by writer/director Brad Bird and producer John Walker
Audio commentary by key animators of the Pixar crew
Making Of documentary
More Making Of - consists of ten featurettes
Six deleted scenes with introductions
Incredi-Blunders reel
Top Secret NSA Files interactive feature
Mr Incredible And Pals lost cartoon, with optional commentary by Mr Incredible and Frozone Boundin' animated short with optional commentary by director Bud Luckey
Who Is Bud Luckey? Featurette
Six art galleries
Teaser trailer for Cars
The Incredibles trailers gallery

all-new animated short - Jack-Jack Attack