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:: The Last Horror Movie

Max Parry (played by Kevin Howarth) is on a mission. He wants to kill you. Not because you have done anything wrong, but just because he wants to prove a point. The Last Horror Movie is a somber look at both death and an examination of human’s unnatural curiosity into the macabre. It is both gruesome and unsettling, but also entertaining and unavoidably draws the viewer’s attention and has a final twist that is enough, at the very least, to have you checking your locks. This is a surprising film which has found a way to trespass beyond the television set and into the viewers own home and private space.

Awarded the 2003 Best UK Feature Film at the Raindance Film Festival in London, the 2004 Critics Award at Fantasporto Film Festival in Portugal and the 2003 Best Feature Film at the Festival of Fantastic Film, The Last Horror Movie is an American Psycho style film, with its own original flavour.

“The Last Horror Movie” is now available to rent.

DVD Extras

 Commentary from Director Julian Richards & Kevin Howarth
 Deleted scenes
 “Making of” featurette
 Cast auditions
 Theatrical Trailers
 Interview with Julian Richards & Kevin Howarth
 Publicity stills & UK posters
 Cast & Filmmaker profiles
 Bonus movie trailers