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:: The Longest Week

The Longest Week is a hilarious, light hearted rom-com, boasting an all-star cast including JASON BATEMAN (Juno), OLIVIA WILDE (Princess Mononoke), and BILLY CRUDUP (Her), told over the course of one seemingly long and never-ending week.

Set in Uptown Manhattan, The Longest Week follows middle-aged playboy Conrad Valmont (Bateman), through his life of thoughtless decadence fuelled with one-night stands, alcohol and lavish parties. But when Conrad’s parents divorce and he is suddenly cut off from his family’s trust fund he finds himself evicted and disinherited. Conrad’s best friend, Dylan (Crudup) takes pity on broke and homeless Conrad and takes him under his wing. In the midst of trying to get his life in order, Conrad begins to fall for Dylan’s girlfriend, Beatrice (Wilde) and the two friends find themselves fighting for her affection. Caught in a desperate triangle of love, Conrad is forced to make a decision: betray his friendship with Dylan or pursue his romance with Beatrice.

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