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Griffin, a young boy from a small mining town waits for his older brothers’ return. In the meantime he has dreams and visions of a journey he must take and a land he must visit. Once Connor returns he tells his brother of what he and his friends must do. Connor and Griffin round up the troops and set upon this journey of great importance and learn that they must dig through the centre of the earth (yes middle earth) to realize his prophecy. Griffin soon learns that they will discover a new world and search for a cure for the plague that is destroying their people and town.

Once approaching this new world their task becomes clearer but not simple as the gang discover that this new world is a dark, dangerous and confusing place. After some trials and tribulations they find themselves back to their world where the final piece of Griffins prophecy becomes shockingly clear.

Written and directed by Vincent Ward, this fantasy journey into the new world seems much like a precursor (1988) to a much bigger fantasy trip down to middle earth as many of the same elements are present. The beautiful photography and haunting soundtrack are clear standouts to what is a sometimes confusing and overly ambitious story. One of the only clues lies within the shift from black and white to color.

At times a bit taxing to follow but the rich imagery should be more than enough to see you through till the end.

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