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:: The Nest

This film does several things that go against usual action movie scenarios, but in interesting ways. First, it sets up its story almost entirely through visuals: instead of people standing around explaining what's going to happen, we just see it. Secondly, it does away with the “I’m the hero, therefore I’m immortal” theme that plagues most action films - this isn’t about one hero, but several teams of fighters

Louis (Pascal Greggory) is a night watchman at a cargo warehouse, when he sticks his pistol into his belt and throws a last furtive look back at the inside of his house before heading off to work. Laborie (Nadia Fares) is a tough-as-nails S.W.A.T. officer assigned to escort Albanian human trafficker Nexhep (Angelo Infanti) to justice in an armoured vehicle. Santino (Benoit Magimel) and his gang of thieves sabotage cell towers in the neighbourhood and descend on the warehouse to steal a whole shipment of IBM laptops. And then there is the army of night-vision wearing commandos who have come to bust out Nexhep at any cost. As the army of suicidal faceless gunmen surrounds the warehouse for the inevitable assault, the cops must join forces with the thieves, along with security guard Louis (Pascal Greggory), or else they won't live to see the morning.

The good thing, particularly in the first part of the film, is in how elegantly everything is set up without it being forced. There is little doubt that “The Nest” is a terrific action picture. There's no real characterisation to find, but that's no big mystery, and as such is not really missed.

Anchoring the film is Nadia Fares (“The Crimson Rivers”), who the film seems to indicate has a prior relationship with colleague Giovanni (Valerio Mastandrea). Not that the duo has time to get their feelings out, since the bloodbath on the highway begins almost immediately. Fares is an incredibly sexy woman, although it might just be the tight commando outfit and her ability to mow down a sea of gunmen. Whenever Fares is onscreen, it's impossible to look away. Is there anything sexier than a beautiful woman who can handle an assault rifle like she was born to it?

The Nest is intense from beginning to end, and the direction by Siri is always assured. The characters, despite having very little backstory, nevertheless manage to carry the film all the way to its brutal finale.

French language with English dub and subtitles.

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