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:: Mao Shan Jiang Shi Quan (The Shadow Boxing)

Fan Zheng-yuan (Wong Yu) and his master (Lau Kar-wing) have been charged with the sacred duty of ‘zombie herding’. When humans die away from home, they become zombies and must be herded with spells back to the homes of their families. These are not blood sucking zombies found in today’s westernised films, but quiet, sleeping creatures which hop in ordered lines wherever they are directed by the herders.

However all goes haywire when one of the zombies begins to act strangely, causing havoc for the zombie herders. Coinciding with the zombies' strange behavior, the herders are also pestered by members of the army, who are looking for an army prisoner.

The film is dominated by interesting, but strange supernatural elements. Liu Chia-liang complicates this later in the film, incorporating Kung Fu action scenes and mystery. This is a very strange film, but also an interesting mix of genres and an original attempt at a vampire style film.