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:: The Shadow Whip

Legendary fighter Fang Cheng-tien, aka The Shadow Whip, has lived in isolation with his niece and apprentice Yang Han-yun for fifteen years. It turns out everybody is after The Shadow Whip who apparently killed some families and stole some jewels in a heist. Bandits and heroes both come looking for The Shadow Whip for numerous reasons. The sixteen bandits are after him for stealing the jewels that they had their eyes on, while others want to avenge the death of their families. In the meantime, Yang Han-yun becomes determined to learn the truth of her masters past and her own origins.

Although a simplistic story, ‘The Shadow Whip’ boasts numerous kick-ass fighting scenes with more whip lashing than you’re likely to see anywhere else. The cast and costumes are simply beautiful and give the film a classy look, particularly Cheng Pei Pei in her winter apparel. The scenery also makes this film, with much of the action taking place in a snow covered outdoor setting. Directed by Lo Wei, the entire film is in Mandarin but has optional English subtitles.

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