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:: The Tracey Fragments

The Tracey Fragments takes us through the seedy streets and Tracey Berkowitz’s fractured memories in search of little brother Sonny in the Canadian winter, racing an approaching blizzard. She had hypnotised him into thinking he was a dog.

Director Bruce McDonald recreates the splintered memory of painful teenage years by fashioning the movie with slick editing. Every scene in the movie is broken into ‘fragments’, small, divided screens that show repeated clips, or ancilliary footage. It's a bleak film, shot in the Manitoba winter, but there's enough dark Canadian-style black humour to keep the movie fresh and alive.

A terrific score from Broken Social Scene and director Bruce McDonald’s revolutionary use of multi-screen effects expertly convey the mental state of a confused teenage girl. Ellen Page, the talented young actress who played “Juno”, is almost too cute for her own good, in trying to be a scorned loser. Normally a marketable person, the twists associated with the filming doesn't allow her charisma to shien through, because this film is quite different - being experimental and challenging

DVD Extras

  • Tracey Fragments Comic Book
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Behind The Scenes
  • Tracey: Re-Fragmented Winner
  • Tracey: Re-Fragmented Shortlisted entry