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:: The Woodsman

This is an independent American film that stars Kevin Bacon was Walter, a man who is on supervised parole after spending twelve years in jail for molesting little girls. He is trying, without much luck, to rebuild his life, consulting a therapist in a bid to shake off criminal tendencies. Brother-in-law (Benjamin Bratt) is the only family member who talks to him. Other hard characters in the film are Kyra Sedgwick, a forklift driver who begins a torrid affair with Walter, and Mos Def as Sergeant Lucas. It is a tense time and first-time director Nicole Kassell does an interesting job in portraying the turbulent life of Walter. She co-wrote The Woodsman with Stephen Fechter. It is based on Steven’s play. Kevin Bacon is executive producer and he gives a riveting performance in the film, one of his best ever. Sedgwick (Bacon’s real-life wife) plays a worthy role too as his lover. The story can be seen as one where you look into the life of someone that society would like to see put away forever. It’s an unnerving portrait of hard-won redemption.

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