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:: The Wrong Man

The Wrong Man is a comic thriller that twists and turns its way through an underworld of crime and revenge where nothing is as it seems. Set in New York City, a case of mistaken identity lands Slevin (Josh Hartnett) into the middle of a war being plotted by two of the city's most notorious rival crime bosses: The Rabbi (Ben Kingsley) and The Boss (Morgan Freeman).

Slevin is under constant surveillance by relentless Detective Brikowski (Stanley Tucci) as well as the infamous assassin Goodkat (Bruce Willis) and finds himself having to hatch his own ingenious plot to escape the maze alive.

This characteristic of the film is both a positive and negative. The film is well written and the interaction between these characters is fantastic. The one-liners and metaphors are incredibly well thought out. There’s certainly no room to ad-lib.

The cast is strong with all pulling their weight. It boosts my opinions of both Josh Hartnett and Lucy Liu, two actors who I think have talent but who have trouble finding the right roles.

On the other hand, the story is also complex. It takes a long time to explain all the twists and turns in the end. One may have liked a sharper ending. However, it's a good blend of mystery and humour.

DVD Extras

Director's Commentary
Cast Commentary
Extended Scene - The Boss and the Rabbi
Deleted Scenes available with Commentary: Elvis & Shoe, The Bodyguard's Story, Alternate Ending
The Making of “The Wrong Man”