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:: Time To Go John

Time To Go John is a mish-mash of fifteen films made in two months before the 2004 elections. It‘s a style of documentary inspired by international films like Farenheit 9/11, that boldy criticises the existing government. It includes hip-hop filmclips, satirical pieces and some moving documentary work. Because there are different filmmakers behind each piece there is no single driving argument behind the film except that John Howard is a 'dirty slut’, as one filmclip succinctly puts it.

The film assumes a lot of prior knowledge of Australian politics, meaning it won't be interesting to anyone who isn't Australian or out of the context of the past four years. Rather than putting up a convincing argument, many of the films merely emphasise their negative opinion of the Prime Minister's policies. This won't appeal to everyone, and is largely preaching to the converted. For those interested, though, it will perhaps give information you might have missed on the news.

The film is interesting as a landmark in its irreverant, unforgiving style. You can be sure it won't be the first of its kind as a film which acidly burns Australian politics. Issues range from boat people, refugee detention centres, Aboriginal reconciliation, liberal's attempt to dissolve the unions, the price of beer and, of course, the war. Aside from the politics, the empathy of the filmmaking and the clean direction is a great showcase of filmmakers in Australia.

The extras are also worth checking out for those who enjoyed the movie release. ‘The Making Of’ on the DVD explores the politics behind Australian documentary making, while the audio commentary by Rod Quantock, Fiona Scott-Norman and Eddie Perfect excelled the film itself with intelligent discussion about John Howard's term in office. Some films that didn't make the cut are included in the extras also, and they're so off-beat they become notable in themselves.

DVD Extras

  • Comic Audio Commentaries By: Max Gillies And Eddie Perfect, Rod Quantock And Fiona Scott Norman
  • The Making Of Time To Go John
  • 10 Bonus Films
  • Cartoon Gallery