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:: Tim Minchin So Live

Early on in his latest concert DVD, So Live, Tim Minchin reveals to us through song: “I work very hard for my rock’n’roll face; I’ve got the kooky contact lenses and the girly mascara.” He does indeed look the part and in terms of musical ability, he’s killer on the piano. Having said this, his stand up somewhat pales in comparison.

The non-musical comedy is quite incisive but lacks the punch and/or overload of vulgar quips that his songs contain. For example, Inflatable You is a hilarious and depraved ballad, about the joys of having an inflatable girlfriend. He tickles the ivories with élan and croons passionate lines like: “You have no problems with your weight at all/ You never steal food off my plate at all/ I never have to masturbate at all/ Unstoppable, inflatable you.”

Born and bred in Perth but now living in London, Minchin’s distinct brand of comedy has garnered him numerous awards, most recently Best Alternative Act at the 2007 US Comedy Arts Festival. So Live, recorded in 2006 at the Sydney Opera House, is an amusing and eccentric showcase of Minchin’s wares.

DVD Extras

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala performances:
- “Canvas Bags” Gala 2006
- “The Guilt Song” Gala 2007

Other TV Performances:
- “Song for Alan Brough”- Spicks and Specks 2006
- “The Adam Hillsong” - Spicks and Specks 2007
- “Not Perfect ” The Sideshow 2007
- “Canvas Bags” - BBC Comedy Shuffle 2007