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:: Treasure Planet

Treasure Planet was an ambitious project for Disney. The cost was enormous but it shows through on screen. The odd mix of traditional hand drawn animation and computer generated imagery is hit or miss but it certainly has a look all its own. Sadly, the movie was a flop in terms of the history of the long-standing studio. This is probably the reason the DVD was released only in single-disc form as opposed to this and a separate 2-disc limited edition like most of their new films.

Treasure Planet retells the classic Robert Louis Stevenson tale of Treasure Island with a futuristic sci-fi twist. Rebellious teenager Jim Hawkins (voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) stumbles upon a map leading to a planet that is loaded with buried treasure. Along with Doctor Delbert Doppler (David Pierce), he sets off on a ship to find the legendary planet, unaware that some of the crewmembers are not on board just for the flight.

The new spin put on this classic is certainly imaginative and the characters are lively, but the entire experience is not attractive enough. It almost seems like the film is just going through the paces without any real effort. Sure, the animation is strong, but all the action seems forced.

The disc isn't the packed extravaganza you would expect from such an expensive film, but a few features are interesting. The special features menu is split into four sections: Space Adventure, deleted scenes, behind the scenes, and commentary.

First up is the unique commentary that not only features a few of the producers and directors talking about the film, but cuts away to various features so you can learn even more.
Three deleted scenes are included and feature not only an alternate ending, but a new opening as well. These three scenes are in various stages of completion and are introduced by the directors. There are five different small featurettes that cover various stages of the production, none of them much longer than five minutes.

Disney's Animation Magic is a 14-minute feature hosted by Roy Disney that looks at the process the studio goes through to create a feature like this. There is some great information here and it is worth a look. Next is a 12-minute look at pirates, from the myths to the facts. Finally is an adventure game that takes place on a tour of the RLS Legacy, the main ship in the film and a music video.

“Treasure Planet” may not be one of Disney's finest efforts in the past several years, but it's a brisk feature that offers some worthwhile visuals.

DVD Extras

Intergalactic Space Adventures
Virtual Tours
Treasure Hunt Game
Disney=Pedia: The life of a pirate revealed
Music Video: I’m Still Here (Jim’s Theme) by John Reznik
Visual commentary
Deleted scenes