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:: Trouble Every Day

Shane Brown (Vincent Gallo) is a young American scientist, tormented with violent sexual nightmares and a ravenous bloodlust. He arrives in Paris on his honeymoon and tries to get in touch with a former colleague, Dr. Léo Sémeneau (Alex Descas), an experimental brain scientist, but the doctor has disappeared. The doctor’s wife, Coré (Béatrice Dalle) seems to be victim to the same condition and is on the loose on an unstoppable orgy of sex and murder.

Interesting to observe the little dialogue and visual manners by the protagonsists and how the slow piecing together of what is going on is a key factor in this controversial and somewhat disturbing film. The film relies largely on mood and pacing, and it cannot be faulted. The sultry, spiraling string arrangements and thrumming acoustic bass on an original score provided by Tindersticks carry the film, along with a slow, menacing, edgy sense of unease that builds up to a gruesome and bloody finale.

This is challenging to cinema goers with a combination of sex and violence that some might find offensive.

The film is in English and French with English subtitles.

Extras include a commentary by Claire Denis and Agnès Godard. The commentary is in French without any subtitles.

The trailer for the film is presented as well as trailers for Battle Royale and The Tomb.

Selected filmographies are included for the principal actors, director and director of photography. Many of the actors are regulars in Claire Denis films.

DVD Extras

Commentary by Claire Denis and Agnès Godard