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:: Van Wilder: The Rise Of Taj

Well, if you liked the first Van Wilder with crazy personalities and laughs, then I suggest you watch Van Wilder “ The Rise of Taj”. This movie stars Kal Penn (Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, Van Wilder). “Taj” is the party liaison from the first Van Wilder movie.

In this sequal, Taj flys over to England where he goes to a classy english educational insitution, Camford University but encounters a problem, an up-class british royal “Pip” who trys to do everything in his power to stop him from studying at Camford. But thats not going to stop Taj. He has tricks up his sleeve, ready to beat Pip at the Hasty Masterships Competiton.

This movie was not shown or released in cinemas, but simply moved straight to DVD. It has a combination of comedy, romance, and sheer laughter.

It is released in June in Australia, only to selected DVD Retailers and Video Stores. It's a must-watch as it is even funnier that the first “Van Wilder”.