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The 1950s saw several films released that told of the unique world of burlesque, complete with singers and sexy strippers. Bettie Page was America's pin-up queen and Varietease shows how she ignited the world and gained cult popularity.

Directed by bondage-film pioneer Irving Klaw, this exploitation film features Bettie doing her Dance of the Four Veils striptease. Other stars include the buxom beauty Lili St.Cyr, who takes a more sophisticated turn on the classic striptease.

Nurse Bettie. Jester Bettie. Substitute Teacher Bettie. Maid Bettie. Voodoo Bettie. Cowgirl Bettie. Jungle Bettie. Bettie was notorious for her notorious bondage and burlesque poses. She has since emerged as a femme fatale who symbolises the birth of the sexual revolution.

Bettie Page comes to DVD for the first time in Australia!
It is a rare document of a massive cult icon and has been highly anticipated by Bettie's Australian fans.

The film is produced and directed by girly-pix impresario Irving Klaw (the man who photographed Bettie in bondage).

There are several extra features, including Audio Commentary by David F. Friedman and Original Theatrical Trailers.
Also, Bettie Page speaks in a scene from rare Burlesque feature “Striporama”.

DVD Extras

Main Menu Animation
Audio Commentary: David E. Friedman
Audio Commentary: Bettie Page Speaks In A Scene From Striporama
Featurette: Bettie Page in “Teaser Girls In High Heels”
Theatrical Trailer: For Varietease and Teaserama