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:: Wilfred Series 2 (2-DVD set)

Ah Wilfred. Honestly one of the best comedies, in my humble opinion, to be produced in Australia of late. Having loved the first season of Wilfred it was still not beyond me to question how a tale of a couple with a bong smoking, hate-filled, manipulative, hyper-sexed dog could maintain a narrative into a second season.

I had no doubt in the talents of writers Jason Gann and Adam Zwar (who also play Wilfred and Adam respectively), but without continuing new challenges and storylines I wondered how successful the second series would be. But what is so charming about this show is that the absurdity of Adam and Wilfred’s relationship, set in suburban Australia, is enough to keep this comedy highly addictive.

It is the instantly identifiable aspects of Wilfred that make it a pleasure to watch. The storylines revolve around everyday stresses and situations. Add to this the typically Australian dialogue, (“Get me some ice-cream, and none of that Home Brand s**t, I want the Sara Lee Ultimate Vanilla”), humour and even interior decor and Wilfred succeeds by showing us the humour in the mundane. (Albeit with the added surrealism of a crazy talking dog).

The second season does indeed drive the characters forward. Adam’s ongoing insecurity in his relationship with Sarah drives him to even more awkward, stupid and hilarious situations. From pretending the dog is dead and staging a funeral, to finding himself sleeping nude with a PAP ( People and Pets) geek, Adam is challenged every step of the way to decide whether he wants a life with less dog-related drama but the admitted boredom of normality, or whether a life with sexy Sarah ( “the Queen of dildos”) and a deranged dog is the very excitement he needs to fulfil his life.

In terms of Wilfred, we see that despite all his bravado, his coarse language, his complete inability to be sensitive, he is not truly out to get Adam. He, like Adam, is as insecure, as lost and as protective of his relationship with Sarah. He just shows it in, uh… slightly different ways.

The result is a hilarious struggle between the two, which so enjoyably ends every episode with a good old fashioned yak on the couch. This highlights the fact - and ultimately captures the essence of the Aussie spirit - that no amount of healthy competition, cheap shots and insults should be taken to heart and can’t be happily resolved with a beer and a good yarn.

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