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:: X-Men: Wolverine's Story

Repo Man
Reunion Part 1
Reunion Part 2
Weapon X, Lies, & Videotape

Special Features:
Bonus Episode X03 - Enter Magneto
Stan Lee's Soap Box
Stan Lee's Episode Introductions

A good package of extras marks this DVD. The worthwhile thing would be to check through the whole content and you’ll realise that the best way to view the four episodes is via the Extras. Stan Lee gives a brief introduction to each one and that’s interesting enough.

The first three of these episodes take place during a longer story in which Professor Xavier has disappeared with Magneto and the rest of the X-Men are looking for him. They are in The Savage Land (a prehistoric jungle in Antarctica).
There are several other groups of mutants in these episodes. There are the Canadian mutants of Alpha Flight (former colleagues of Wolverine). There is the gang led by Mr Sinister, and the “mutates” of The Savage Land.

The first episode concerns attempts by the Canadian group to reclaim Wolverine and learn the secret of his Adamantium skeleton. We learn more of Wolverine's past in flashback than we do in the present day.

The second and third episodes are a double-episode, the climax of the Savage Land sequence.

The last one is a separate episode that provides an extra twist on Wolverine's past, but it looks like it is the last episode of a sequence where we haven’t seen any of the earlier episodes. It’s a little fragmented. Therefore, one would probably like to see the whole season of episodes in order.

A reasonable collection of X-Men episodes, on a well packaged DVD.
The video quality is adequate, but this is fairly crude animation and will never be up to the quality of other shows. The audio quality is adequate. The extras are good, though not brilliant.

Although the animated series didn’t reveal much of Wolverine’s history, this collection of episodes show Wolverine as the main character as he battles a number of enemies.

DVD Extras

The menu is easy to operate. The main menu is animated, with sound.

Bonus Episode: Enter Magneto (20:23)
Another episode, this one concentrating on the origin of Magneto, but in the form of flashbacks while The Beast is waiting in jail for his trial. There's a brief introduction by Stan Lee.

Episode Introductions by Stan Lee
This is the best way to view the episodes, complete with a few words from Stan Lee before each one. He only speaks for half a minute before each one, but it's interesting.

Interview: Stan Lee's Soapbox
This is basically an interview with Stan Lee, discussing the origin of the X-Men and the development of the series in both comics and TV series. The ending of this piece has him answering a series of quick-fire questions.