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:: World Trade Centre

World Trade Centre is an Oliver Stone film, which stars Nicolas Cage as John McLaughlin. Time Magazine quotes it as being, “Gripping”. That it is - a powerful movie experience that demonstrates the true American spirit.

The movie is based on true facts related to the September 11 attacks on New York. With the story of two New York police officers (Will Limeno and John McLoughlin) and their courageous survival in the debris from the tower attacks.

“World Trade Centre” is a film that reaches out to its viewers, gives them joy, tears and heartbreak all at the same time. Quoted positively by many film critics, World Trade Centre is one of the most inspiring true stories made to film.

DVD Extras

Audio commentary by director Oliver Stone
Audio commentary by Will Jimeno, Scott Strauss, John Bucshing and Paddy McGee
Deleted and extended scenes with optional director commentary