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:: A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash

A Crude Awakening is a crash course (83 mins) on the decline of our most valuable resource in society: oil. This documentary style film poses vital questions as to what we, as a global community are going to face when we run out of this non-renewable fuel.

European filmmakers Basil Gelpke & Ray McCormack use a successful mixture of candid interviews, disturbing imagery and a haunting soundtrack to make this feature film as highly entertaining as it is intelligent. I found it hard not to sit gripped in my seat, listening to every word, wanting to ensure as many people as I knew would sit and see this urgent film. More than once did its revelations send shivers down my spine.

When director, Ray McCormack was asked why people should see ‘A Crude Awakening’ over the latest blockbuster, his response was to “find out what’s really happening in the world instead of trying to escape from it, it’s more frightening than any horror movie you’ll see…”

The film highlights, in a very hard hitting way, just how dependable our world is on oil and the colossal change we all will have to face in every aspect of our lives as it runs out. We depend on oil for most consumer needs and most modern cities have been designed and built around the seemingly readily available fuel. The ‘doco’ style of the film allows the audience to hear the questions, opinions and as yet, unformed solutions from the world’s top experts in politics and economics through to science, research and academia. It also explains clearly the phenomenon of peak oil and Dr M.K.Hubberts 1956 prediction that the USA had reached its peak oil discovery in the 1930s.

This film is by far one of the most important and disturbing of the year. Some audiences may even believe the most important story to be told. Ever.