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:: A Film With Me In It

Any fans of the hit television series ‘Black Books’ will tell you that Dylan Moran is a comic genius who doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. Hopefully the Irish black comedy ‘A Film With Me In It’ will change that as this is one of the comedies of the year and Moran absolutely shines.

‘A Film With Me In It’ follows a few days in the life of Mark (Mark Doherty) whose life is a mess. He is an actor who struggles for roles (or even for producers to remember his name), his rented house is falling apart, he owes his landlord, Jack (Keith Allen) a lot of money, which is a secret he keeps from his girlfriend, Sally (Amy Huberman) as he knows their relationship is already on it’s last legs. Still Mark tries to stay positive as his best mate Pierce (Dylan Moran) keeps promising to write the film script that will propel Mark into super stardom. But then tragedy strikes, a tragedy so bad that it soon appears if the Police find out about it Mark will go to prison (even though he doesn’t done anything wrong)… and as the day goes on soon Pierce is at risk of the same fate.

It is impossible to fault ‘A Film With Me In It’ as Mark Doherty’s script is genuinely funny while director, Ian Fitzgibbon gets the best out of an already brilliant cast. Doherty has created some truly memorable characters and a storyline that actually makes fun of itself in a sense. The comedy is the that dark comedy that only the Irish seem to be able to create… but works wonders and even managed to have a screening full of reviewers laughing out loud… some even had tears streaming down their faces. Fitzgibbon manages to add to the films atmosphere by even making it look ‘dark’, and together Fitzgibbon and Doherty manage to create some very funny moments and situations indeed.

What makes ‘A Film With Me In It’ even better is the marvellous acting performances of Doherty and Moran. Dylan Moran is absolutely sensational in a role he was born to play. His deadpan delivery makes Pierce an interesting character that would have to go down on any list of ‘Funniest Characters In Feature Films’. And while I’m not normally a fan of a writer acting in his or her own film, Doherty does an amazing job as the hapless Mark. Together Doherty and Moran make ‘A Film With Me In It’ a pleasure to watch.

‘A Film With Me In It’ is a comedy gem that deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as some of the UK’s greatest comedies. Dylan Moran doesn’t put a foot wrong and this is a film that will be loved by fans of films such as ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ and ‘Hot Fuzz’.

Showing exclusively at Melbourne's Cinema Nova from April 23, 2009