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:: African Adventure 3D: Safari in the Okavango (IMAX Feature)

African Adventure 3D: Safari in the Okavango is another in a long line of stunning IMAX travelogues that really acts as the second best thing to packing those suitcases. The destination is the seldom visited Okavango River Delta in northern Botswana. Our tour guides are filmmaker Tim Liversedge and his staff as they traverse the often murky and rugged terrain in their search to capture footage of beautiful wildlife that call the Okavango home.

African Adventure celebrates a lot of the continent’s physical beauty, yet at the same time shatters the myth of Safaris being nothing but endless animal watching. Like his previous film, Wild Safari 3D, Tim Leversedge shows audiences some of the painstaking, monotonous waiting that he has to endure in order to capture his stunning footage. His film shows us that just because we tourists are ready to snap pictures, it doesn’t mean the animals are ready to reciprocate.

The major disappointment in African 3D is Liversedge’s lack of interaction with the local guides, a mainstay of IMAX films tackling this genre. Disturbingly, in Liversedge’s film the locals are ordered around and never spoken to. They are only filmed hard at work ferrying the filmmakers in their journey and they are not even credited in the end of the film.

For a film that is clearly targeting the family market and claims to celebrate the African continent, this clear disregard to its locals severely lets down what is otherwise another solid addition to the IMAX catalogue.

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