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:: Alex Cross

Sometimes you have to wonder about the American market, Alex Cross was massacred by angry online trolls that seem to have a pretty deep hatred for the leading man in this dramatic crime thriller that is nowhere near as bad as so many people are saying. Based on a James Pattinson novel and technically a prequel to Along Came A Spider and Kiss The Girls the film finds a ‘younger’ Dr. Alex Cross (Tyler Perry) working as a homicide detective who is considered the top of his game and is being offered a job with the FBI. He is happily married to Maria (Carmen Ejogo), who has just discovered that she is pregnant with their second child.

Career wise, Alex is happy that he gets to work with his best friend Tommy Kane (Edward Burns), but a new case changes everything. When they are called to investigate the torture and murder of Fan Yau (Stephanie Jacobsen), they are expecting another run-of-the-mill case, but instead they find themselves involved in a deadly cat-and-mouse game with a serial killer known as Picasso (Matthew Fox) who decides to make the case personal. Many would have you believe that Alex Cross is really one of the turkeys of 2012, it isn’t quite that bad, it’s pretty much what you would expect from a crime thriller directed by Rob Cohen the man who of course has brought the cinema world action films such as XXX.

Alex Cross does have its weaknesses - some of the bit part actors are pretty woeful but for the post director Rob Cohen has brought together the right mix of drama, suspense, thrills and of course his trademark action. Another weakness where the screenwriter seems to lose the plot for a moment is that (and this isn’t really a spoiler) when one of the characters meets their demise they never seem to be mentioned again which is a real worry.

Most of the hatred for this film overseas though seems to be aimed at Tyler Perry. Yes there is a love/hate relationship between him and the American cinema going public, some love his Madea films and others hate them, but he doesn’t really deserve to be slammed for Alex Cross. He puts in a good performance but he is overshadowed by Matthew Fox who eerily becomes the serial killer, Picasso. Alex Cross isn’t the best film of 2012, but it certainly isn’t the worst, it’s just an average crime thriller.