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:: Aliens of the Deep 3D

The bottom of the ocean is a fascinating but at times sinister place. Poisonous gas escapes the blow holes like liquid fire and molten lava oozes constantly as the plates cause friction in their proximity, leaking toxic chemicals. This is a place where the sun definitely doesn’t shine and the water temperature is icy one moment and beyond boiling the next. How could any life withstand such climatic extremeties? And yet down below, existence thrives. From albino crustaceans to eliptical jelly fish, the harsh conditions at the bottom of the ocean have given way to its own self contained ecosystem of other-worldly creatures. The world could end tomorrow and these freaky critters wouldn’t give a damn!

So if life can thrive in extreme conditions on earth, is it perhaps that life is also possible on other planets? And so, Titanic director James Cameron - who clearly enjoyed his first underwater soujorn when gazing at the sunken ship - and his team of scientists begin their underwater journey, marvelling at the mysteries and mayhem that ensues.

This one hour documentary is made all the more fascinating by its 3D format. It’s great fun to wonder whether that weird fish is smimming right for your nose, or whether the submarine is planning its landing on your head. Considering I have forever been fascinated with the underwater world and outer space, I can’t fault this film. It kept me mesmerised and glued to my seat, a task usually impossible without my ADD medication. If I must nit-pick, others may find the content a bit dry, the 3D goggles annoying and the digitally enchanced end sequence rather silly.

Being confronted with other worlds is grounding and humbling. Hovering only a few centimeters from the crust of the earth and pondering the potentiality of life on other planets kinda makes you forget the wine spill on the carpet.

Still, for most of us who are intrigued by the what’s way out there, this is highly thought-provoking and entertaining viewing - and is as likely as most of us will ever get to a 6-foot-tall worms with blood-red plumes!

The film is scheduled to open in Australian IMAX theatres on March 10.