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:: A Lot Like Love

This is a very warm romantic comedy that sits pretty well for a couple to enjoy at a night out at the movies. The couple that provides that warm and fuzzy feeling in ‘A Lot Like Love’ is Amanda Peet as Emily and Ashton Kutcher as Oliver.

As strangers on an airplane, they meet in rare (or even rarefied) circumstances initiated by Emily. For the rest of the film they move closer to a real relationship by some infectious banter. The film focuses on incidents that draw a particular chemistry. The nervous Oliver tries to charm Emily in the face of some resistance.

Nigel Cole directs his first American film. He had previously directed two British comedies, Saving Grace and Calendar Girls. He brings good understatement and downplays the punchlines in favour of this chemistry and interaction between the leading stars. I felt that this worked well as Peet and Kutcher grew into the roles and generated much charm and affection. The two ease up and bring out the best in each other; amongst whatever pranks and silliness occurs. The script isn’t that memorable and the supporting cast looks very minor.

The charm of the film should ensure a good “date” movie although the conventional Hollywood ending lessens the impact slightly. It’s still enjoyable and nobody embarrasses themselves.