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:: L'Emmerdeur (A Pain In The Ass)

Every now and then a film comes along that you watch and know instantly that it is going to become a classic film; a film that people will be talking about for years to come. French comedy ‘A Pain In The Ass’ is one such film. Too many times these days comedy films barely even create a chuckle, but ‘A Pain In The Ass’ is very different, this film will have you laughing out loud until you cry.

Jean (Ralf) Milan (Richard Berry) is a hitman sent to a hotel to assassinate a crime boss while he is on his way into court to testify. It should be a simple job for France’s top hitman but unfortunately for him Francois Pignon (Patrick Timsit) enters his life. Francois is a photo-journalist also there to cover the arrival of the crime boss, but with his wife, Louise (Virginie Ledoyen) having left him for her psychiatrist, Dr Wolf (Pascal Elbe), Francois decides that this is the best spot for him to kill himself. But when he messes that up Jean finds himself reluctantly having to look after Francois. From then on everything that can go wrong, does, including Dr Wolf taking his revenge meant for Francois out on Jean… it just isn’t his day.

Writer/director, Francis Veber is known for making funny films. ‘The Dinner Game’ has become a cult classic over the years, but with ‘A Pain In The Ass’ Veber takes the comedy up a notch and produces a brilliant farce movie that you get the feeling is so good that Hollywood will want to remake it with Adam Sandler or Jim Carrey in the lead roles. Veber is one writer who has learnt the power of sub-stories and it is these that provide some of the biggest laughs in ‘A Pain In The Ass’.

Apart from a script that works sensationally well much of the humour from ‘A Pain In The Ass’ has to be contributed to the acting performances of Richard Berry and Patrick Tismit. Together these two are a comedy duo that deserve to be mentioned in the same breath of Abbott and Costello. Slapstick or comedy one-liners; it doesn’t matter this duo manage to pull it off brilliantly and make this film an absolute joy to watch.

Even those people who find it hard to laugh at films will see this comedy as a laugh-out-loud film that will have them chuckling for days afterwards. To say ‘A Pain In The Ass’ is one of the best comedies of the year is an underestimation; it is one of the best comedies ever made.