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:: Autumn Spring (Babi Leto)

Old pals Fanda and Eda embark on an adventure to live life to the fullest no matter what it costs. And costs them it does when their perilous pranks eventually catch up with them, costing Fanda his funeral and cemetary plot fund that his wife Emilie so fretfully puts aside in its allocated tin along with her prewritten death notice, photo and outfit.

Posing as a retired opera star millionaire about to purchase a mansion, transportation inspectors that demand nothing more than a kiss on the cheek from their offenders, and producers of a television reality show, Fanda and Eda ensure than with each adventure someone they encounter is left a monetary reward that Fanda believes will reward him in the next life.

Their one and only child, son Jara, entrenched in marital problems of his own is desperate to start his new life with new wife number 3, and whilst wife number 2 is still living in the apartment this doesnt seem likely to happen, especially when ma and pa could be and probably should be, according to him, shipped off to a retirement home. The added pressure and stress of what Jara considers to be old and immobile, fuels Fanda further to go all out and spend a day spending all their savings and try to double it as a prank falls through and his jig is well and truly up.

Meanwhile Emilie is clearly at her wits ends with putting up with her 75 year old husbands infantile behaviour, demanding he ship up or ship out, a threat she carries through when all of their funeral money is gone and she can no longer live her dream of dying with dignity and respect on a modest funeral budget.

On the verge of divorce after a near lifetime together, Fanda conforms and adjusts to Emilie’s demands with saving money and spending more time at home and with their ungrateful son, he loses touch with his pal Eda, who takes a turn for the worst and becomes gravely ill. Being forced to give up smoking and his daily adventures in town and reduced to crushing opium seeds for supper, Emilie realises that this wasn’t the man she fell in love with and married, and as irresponsible and frustrating the old Fanda was she would rather have him back that see him wasting away at a retirement home, unhappy.

Directed by acclaimed Czech director Vladimír Michálek and written bz Jirí Hubac, Autumn Spring is a wonderfully directed and perfomed story about the Autumn years of life and Fanda’s incredible will to embrace and enjoy it rather than mourn the end.

Vlastimil Brodsky as Fanda was one of the most accomplished and acclaimed Czech actors, having a vast career in television, film and theatre, it seemed as though this movie resonated a certain truth with him as he commited suicide not long after production.

Autumn Spring is regarded as a tribute to Brodsky’s life and work and if there was ever an actor more suitable to convey the character of Fanda with more gentle humour and emotional depth and vulnerability it would have to have be Brodsky. With a magnificent supporting cast of veteran actors and friends it is a guaranteed pleasure and joy to behold.