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:: Bad Teacher

Bad Teacher desperately wants to be rated alongside the films by Kevin Smith such as Chasing Amy and Mallrats and is willing to do anything to gain the honour… that is everything but be funny or good enough to deserve such accolades. While it is easy to see what Bad Teacher is aiming to do due to some really poor writing the film never really gets out of first gear.

Elizabeth Halsey (Cameron Diaz) is a teacher who is completely hopeless at her job and is praying that she can marry into money so she never has to set foot back in a classroom again. However, when her forthcoming wedding is cancelled Elizabeth is forced to rethink her plan. And while fellow teacher, Russell Gettis (Jason Segel) likes her, Elizabeth only has eyes for the mega-rich Scott Delacorte (Justin Timberlake) who just happens to be dating Elizabeth’s rival teacher, Amy Squirrel (Lucy Punch).

Bad Teacher is so ordinary that director, Jake Kasdan and the screenwriters involved should never be allowed to make another movie until they can prove that they can pick what should and shouldn’t be included in a comedy script. Their shocking work meant that Bad Teacher really never did have any hope of succeeding. The funny jokes are few-and-far between and the lead characters are so awful that there is no way that you as an audience can ever feel close to them. In fact by the end of the film most of the audience will be left hoping that Elizabeth ends up alone and sad as the only way she seems to get ahead is by lies and deceit when innocent characters like Amy are left shattered in her path. There is certainly no way you could ever find yourself barracking for Elizabeth to succeed.

The weak script also never allows any of the actors to shine. Justin Timberlake is given nothing to work with… a pity seeing that The Social Network proved that he is an actor who can handle a tough role. The same is said for Jason Segal who is given a role that really should have been left for a young actor trying to make his start in Hollywood. However, the saddest part of the cast has to be Cameron Diaz, seeing her in an awful role like this just makes you realise how far her fall from grace has really come. The fact that she would read this script and choose to do the film just goes to show how desperate for work she is these days.

Bad Teacher is an awful film that apart from the odd laugh provides the audience with nothing at all. Avoid like the plague.