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:: Bride Wars

The problem with making a formulaic romantic comedy is that when you write to a formula the chance are your audience have already seen a ton of films that already tell the same story. Of course if your film also consists of unlikable characters and isn’t as funny as it could be then you are really are behind the eight ball.

‘Bride Wars’ could have been an interesting film. Two best friends, Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) have both always dreamed of a June wedding at the Plaza Hotel ever since they saw a fairytale wedding there when they were little girls. When their partners Fletcher (Chris Pratt) and Daniel (Steve Howey) propose to them, both their dreams are coming true until they realise that their weddings have been booked on the same day. Liv and Emma then become enemies and work at ruining the other’s wedding.

Where the film completely falls apart is that when the bitchiness starts both Liv and Emma become very unlikable characters. The script tries to let the audience feel sorry for Emma, but no matter how many ‘look-at-how-sad-I-am’ looks Anne Hathaway flashes to the camera makes up for the fact that she is bitchy enough to target someone’s eating disorder in a bid to ruin their wedding.

In fact the whole idea that friends would sink to the lows of a personal war like this is implausible as their friendship is set up as a strong bond that couldn’t be broken. The story never fully explains why the weddings have to be at the same time on that day or even why the idea of a double-wedding can’t proceed.

As a result this poor script lets the actors down badly. Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway do the best with what they are given while Candice Bergen and Bryan Greenberg are let down by roles that are well and truly beneath their acting capabilities. All the actors are wasted in their roles.

Director, Gary Winick also brings nothing new to the genre, as he uses stock-standard shots of New York to set up scenes and doesn’t even attempt to try anything with the actors or story. In fact there is a ‘make-this-and-young-woman-will-flock-to-it-no-matter-how-good-it-is’ feeling to this film that should completely frustrate most audiences members.

‘Bride Wars’ is a let down as a film that unfortunately drags down two good actresses with unlikable characters that will fail to win over a smart audience member. This film has been made a million times before, most of those times a lot better than presented here.