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:: Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

As we return to Bridget Jones’ diary, Bridget (Renee Zellweger) is “71 ecstatic shags” into her relationship with stuffy spunk Mark Darcy (Colin Firth), fending off professional cad Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant), and generally cocking things up in the most charming way possible.

There’s the same excruciating humour, but now you know Bridget a little better, you realise that despite her utter dorkiness, she’s a sweetie, befriending taxi drivers and Thai prostitutes alike. And while her codependence and jealousy (of Mark’s leggy collegue Rebecca) are every heterosexual girl’s nightmare, she’s not as incompetent as she was in the first film. Add more time with her gossiping friends, double the number of dreadful jumpers, further embarrassing parent bonding moments and a ‘boyfight’ that’s as wussy as any catfight seen on screen and you have a pacy fun-filled night out.

While Bridget Jones II will not become the minor classic its predecessor was, as laugh-out-loud popcorn fare it’s more enjoyable. Texan Zellweger’s accent and attitude is again exact, and although not a lot is asked of the rest of the cast, they fill their roles admirably. The sequel follows Helen Fielding’s writing a little more loosely than the 2001 original, which may offend fans, but improves the film. Original screenwriters Andrew Davies (Pride and Prejudice), Fielding, and Richard Curtis (Love Actually) are joined by Adam Brooks (Wimbledon) and deliver an entertaining and hilarious film that’s also soppy and formulaic, but did you really expect anything else?