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:: Canopy

Writer/director Aaron Wilson brings us Canopy, a war-time adventure set in 1942. The film is an Australian-Singaporean co-production that was a passion project eight years in the making for director Aaron Wilson and producer Katrina Fleming.

An Australian fighter pilot is shot down somewhere in the wilds of Singapore. With the war raging around him, he must find his way through the dense jungle to safety. Khan Chittenden plays the unfortunate pilot, and gets to spend a lot of time taking in his muddy surroundings and hiding from enemy soldiers. When it comes to dialogue, however, he has very few lines to remember.

In wanting a bold thrilling story, I got too much sameness and there is no sense of escalation within the narrative. The film looks pretty good. The lighting is excellent, particularly in the night time scenes, and the few simple visual effects get the job done. However, there were several occasions when I got a close-up of nothing.

After a while I thought things might pick up the excitement stakes, once the fallen pilot bumped into another person (Tzu-yi Mo) who was lost in the jungle. I thought there may be a scenario of two former enemies coming together to trust each other and become “brothers”. Instead, Canopy simply became a film featuring two people stumbling through the jungle, seemingly without purpose. It's a shame because a film like this should not drag. The premise of the story was notable yet it just wasn't carried out to the best ability. That being said and understanding the limited budget, it's a film that provokes some thought from first-time feature filmmaker Aaron Wilson and one that could start a promising career.