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The latest Disney-Pixar film to hit Box Office screens is the computer-animated movie ‘Cars’. This movie is fast paced to say the least and doesn’t exactly encourage safe driving amongst the youngsters. However, ‘Cars’ is entertaining and if you ever wondered what the universe would be like if it just contained cars, trucks and automobiles, then this is your chance to see what it would look like. Even the flies are vehicles of some sort!

The story revolves around the newest rookie car to hit the racing world ‘Lightening McQueen’, who has a chance to win the respected and much-hyped Piston Cup. The young and perhaps selfish and egotistical star, suddenly finds himself doing community service in a run down town in the middle of nowhere. With 5 days to go before the big Piston Cup is to be held, Lightening McQueen is in quite a predicament. He is forced to fix the town’s damaged road and that is the last thing he wants to do. However, the cars in the town teach Lightening McQueen a thing or two about the importance of companionship and caring about others. After all, Lightening McQueen only cares about himself and about winning the biggest race of all! The question is, will Lightening McQueen make it on time? Or will he learn that there is more to racing than racing? Perhaps fame and fortune isn’t all it is made up to be…

A film about friends and about finding about what is important in life, it conveys a strong message for youngsters. Mater, Luigi, Guido, Hudson, Sally and Flo are what keep the film ‘Cars’ entertaining. Mater’s favourite secret activity is to go tractor pushing and his indulgence of this with Lightening McQueen is enlightening. Luigi and Guido’s passion for tyres is touching and hilarious at the same time.

‘Cars’ is a happy-go-lucky film that is entertaining and amusing. However it has the potential to produce a generation of speed-heads, who will at least appreciate the importance of caring for others and have a high moral standing when it comes to issues of sexism and the divide between the city and country. The story, which is set along America's Route 66, brings with it a moral, which is to take the slow lane sometimes and to stop and enjoy yourself.

The film is fun and light-hearted, although for the younger kids it perhaps runs a little too long.