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:: Chronicle

So slick and fresh is Chronicle that you could be forgiven for thinking that is something new from J.J. Abrams. Chronicle is the sci-fi film that fans of the genre have been waiting to see for a long, long time. The concept is new and this is one time where the hand-held camera actually enhances the film rather then distracts from the story… dare we say it – this is the best handheld film since Cloverfield.

Andrew (Dane DeHaan) is always the kid that gets pushed around at school (and punched around by his Dad at home) but when he starts carrying a camera around to document his life for his dying mother life becomes interesting. When his cousin, Matt (Alex Russell) forces him to go to a rave he is there when Matt and Steve (Michael B. Jordan) discover a mysterious hole and decide to investigate. What happens next leaves Andrew, Matt and Steve with power that they could not have dreamt off, now they must really find out what they are capable of.

This really is the kind of film that director, Josh Trank could have lost control of so badly that it ended up being a B-Grade film found in any $2 Shop bargain bin. Instead, thanks to some great screenwriting from Max Landis this really becomes a film that studies what can actually happen to people when they discover they have super-human abilities. For some it is fun, for others it is the beginning of an anti-hero story.

Tranks keeps the film looking natural all the way through and to his credit he doesn’t seem to falter with the all the special effects that are going on either. So natural is the film that at first the climatic ending seems a little far-fetched but when you relax you realise that this had to happen. You may even realise that Tranks does an amazing job making the climax so dramatic and suspenseful while never once falling away from the hand-held technique.

Finally something new and fresh has landed in the sci-fi field. Chronicle by far outweighs expectation and this sneaky little sci-fi is a film worthy of blockbuster status. A must for sci-fi fans.