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:: Club Dread

Club Dread appears to be a funny, satirical slash film, but it hasn’t achieved any of these goals. The film comes from the mind of the Broken Lizard gang who has many admiring cult followers and although Club Dread has some funny characters and ideas, it is not up to their previous standards at all.

The entire tale takes places in a Costa Rica resort, which is similar to an episode of E! Wild On with nothing but booze and sex being the focus of this holiday destination. The resort is “Coconut Pete’s Pleasure Island”. Pete (Bill Paxton) is a washed-up hippie musician who encourages the booze and sex as much as he can. His staff is made up of the tennis pro, fun police, aerobics instructor, diving instructor, masseur and DJ, all told to be ‘friendly’ to the guests all week (sex, alcohol, party).

A few hours into the wildness of sun and fun, dead staff members start turning up. Jenny (Brittany Daniel- from Sweet Valley High) is one of the staff who is trying to figure out who the murderer is. The Lizard gang is the other eccentric resort employees who are also in danger of being sliced up one by one. The serial killer forces them to keep up the games and parties, making it even harder to deal with the situation. Each character has their own mysterious past so they are all suspects, and everyone else is either drunk or naked.

The Broken Lizard gang has five members, Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemm, Paul Soter and Erik Stolhanske. They are college friends that have been successful in the NY comedy scene before they caught a break in scripting their own films. Their third feature, Club Dread, is definitely a step back from their smart mouthed humour and the non-scary horror/slash aspect of the film got old, fast.

I have not seen their first film Puddle Cruiser, which was a Sundance festival film, but Super Troopers I thought had some clever jokes in it and was very funny. I think that Club Dread ran out of the funny and just aimed for low brow sex jokes. In fact it appears they forgot about focusing on the humour altogether and the film was just an excuse for the Broken Lizard boys to hang out on the beach with some bikini clad ladies.