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:: Cop Out

I’m not sure what director Kevin Smith was thinking when he signed up to do Cop Out. His previous films Dogma, Clerks and the first half of Zack And Miri Make A Porno were worthwhile, so why did he waste time making this? Or, more to the point, what was anyone associated with it thinking?

A storyline, well, there wasn’t one; it wasn’t funny. There were no explosions, no romance. There weren’t even enough crude sex jokes to keep a 13-year-old boy occupied. Nevertheless, the general idea is that NYPD cops Paul (Tracy Morgan) and Jimmy (Bruce Willis) get suspended without pay after an operation goes south. With Jimmy facing a huge bill for his daughter’s upcoming wedding, he is forced to sell a rare baseball card to scrounge up the money. Shock horror, the precious collectable is stolen from under their noses, so the not so dynamic duo set out to recover it.

Tracy Morgan’s outrageously stupid character works on 30 Rock because the writing is snappy and actually funny. Here, he falls as flat as the lines he is given to deliver. Willis must have lost a bet, or had nothing better to do, and said yes to the first thing that was offered. It may have worked if it was sending itself up, poking fun at buddy/cop films or being ironic but it was deadly serious. Painfully so.

Seann William Scott shows up as his usual no-hoper with the brain of a newt, and managed the occasional laugh but nothing more. Adam Brody, from television series The O.C., could surely do better than this.

The chase scenes are dull, the bad guys are uninspiring and nothing happens that could actually justify the making of a movie. Save yourself two hours of watching monotonous nothing and don’t bother.