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:: Courageous

It’s unfortunate that more Australian cinemas didn’t decide to pick up Courageous because as a result a lot of people are going to miss out on what has turned out to be a very good film indeed. While the cinemas may have been scared off by the fact that the four leading characters are Christian men it is in fact what makes this film even more interesting whether someone identifies themselves with a religion or not.

Adam Mitchell (Alex Kendrick), David Thomson (Ben Davies) and Shane Fuller (Kevin Downes) are stunned when, in their roles of Police Officers, they are called out to incident involving a father who has risked his like to protect his son from an abduction. They are even more surprised to learn that the man involved, Nathan Hayes (Ken Bevel) is their new collegue. The incident makes all four men look at their roles of fathers and then when tragedy does strike they, along with their friend Javier (Robert Amaya) they decide to make a pact as Christian fathers.

Director and screenwriter Alex Kendrick has done an amazing job with Courageous. The films dramatic tension means that the audience is totally captivated while also constantly finding themselves on the edge of their seat, as Kendrick is the type of writer who can turn a script in a second… you really can’t predict what is going to happen next. He is one of the few screenwriters around at the moment who remember to give their characters some depth and surprisingly he produces some true moments of comedy in this film… the scene with Javier in the backseat of the Police car is absolute classic. It is also worth noting that such is Kendrick’s skill at writing key dramatic scenes that this film has been known to reduce grown men to tears.

Most who view Courageous will find the film challenges them but not necessarily preachy. With the Christian message aside the main aim of Courageous is to have parents look at their own lives and see whether they are bringing up their children in the right way… and the film certainly does that, while also not forgetting that the main role of a film is to entertain.

It is rare these days to find a film that is truly unpredictable but Courageous certainly fits into that category. Be prepared to question your own life but also be prepared to be blown away by a drama that will totally captivate you.