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:: Date Movie

The directors, Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, are two of the six screenwriters who were involved in the Scary Movie series of films, and their twisted minds inject bizarre thoughts into this romantic comedy of sorts. A hopeless romantic Julia Jones (Alyson Hannigan) has a Greek/Jewish/Japanese/Indian background and her father wants a “big fat wedding’ with a suitably cultured guy. In meeting a matchmaker Hitch (Tony Cox), she soon becomes smitten by Grant Fonckyerdoder (yes, Fonckyerdoder). All looks good from his parents’ perspective and organisation of the wedding proceeds, despite the attempts of Grant’s ex-girlfriend Andy (Sophie Monk) to tempt him away.

This film spoofs many others, like Wedding Crashers, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Hitch, Scary Movie, Meet The Parents, and even King Kong, amongst others. The jokes wear a bit thin, however, and do enough damage to the credibility of the lead actors. The jokes are all over the place, and over-stretched in most parts. The parodies are mostly off-target. The genuinely funny aspect is the role by Jennifer Coolidge and Fred Willard in their parody of the Barbra Streisand/Dustin Hoffman combination in ‘Meet The Fockers’.

The writers could have done a better job in developing the scenes and the jokes. It makes it difficult for Alyson Hannigan, a fine young actress, to assert herself. Her good credentials are put to the test.

There are some notable moments, including Julia’s big pimple on her chin that appears on the eve of her wedding. When it bursts, the pus spurts out so forcefully that she is slung across the room and through a wall.

Australian viewers will be fascinated to see the first movie appearance by ex-Bardot singer Sophie Monk. She almost bares all as the man-eating ex, and she may be noticed for several more Hollywood roles.

The credits will reveal a couple of other parodies, one involving thirty seconds of Carmen Electra. Overall, the laughs will be obvious because of what the film does, but it’s just a bit too thin and desperate.